About Rachel

My path to birth work began after the planned home birth of my second child. My midwives provided what I had hoped for, but didn't receive with my first birth: respectful and individualized care. 


With my first birth I felt like I was seen as a stereotype, just a low-income, single parent. For my second birth, my home birth midwives understood me holistically as a multi-faceted person. I felt truly seen. I had permission to be myself.


Inspired by my two very different birth experiences, I was determined to enter this field so that more pregnant people could have access to the respectful care that meant so much to me.


Birth isn't only about having a healthy baby. Feeling safe and trusting your birth team are important. Midwives get to know their clients over the pregnancy and build a relationship of trust.You can expect to be listened to and seen as an individual.


It's an honor to get to know birthing parents and help welcome new life into this world.




Rachel McCloskey, CPM, BFA, ASM, APPAC
Rachel McCloskey, BFA, ASM, APPAC
Clinical training

I began working as a birth doula alongside my midwifery apprenticeship with the midwives at CHOICE in 2008. I completed my clinical training and began practicing as a primary midwife as co-owner of Born Community Midwives with Audra Phillips in 2012.


2001 BFA with a focus in Women Gender & Sexuality from Ohio State University

2013 ASM from National College of Midwifery


Passed the NARM exam and become a Certified Professional Midwife in 2013, became a non-practicing midwife in 2020

Certified in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Neonatal Resuscitation 2009 - current

former NARM and National College of Midwifery Preceptor

APPA Certified Placenta Arts Specialist

Other training

Currently training to be a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner


Completed Level 1 & 2, Craniosacral Therapy training through Upledger Institute 


Completed a 7-year Bonding Before Birth training and internship with Suzanne Roberts, somatic and polarity practitioner.


Currently training to be an educator with The Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health


Participated in Expect the Unexpected Emergency Birth Skills training with Mercy in Action


Home birth is for healthy low-risk parents who are confident that home is the best birthing environment for them and their baby.


Home birth is not for everyone. Some people feel safer birthing in a hospital. Some pregnancies and births need hospital-based medical care.


My job is not only to provide safe, respectful care but to watch for anything outside the range of low-risk which might make your birth a medical event.

Your job is asking questions, making healthy choices and informed decisions. 

Birthing happens best when private and uninterrupted. Your midwife will try to stay out of the way of the normal birthing process so all hormones of labor flow effectively. We are there for you and present for as little or as much labor support as you need.

I believe babies are conscious participants in their birthing. After a birth, both parent and baby are newly integrating the intense experience they just completed and I believe in protecting quiet time so they can slowly integrate and calm their nervous systems. 




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