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We love our clients

We believe in you and your ability to grow and give birth to a healthy baby. We trust you as the primary decision maker for choices about your body and your birth. We will get to know you and help you have the most supported pregnancy and birth possible. You can relax and know that we have your back. 

For the sake of you, our clients, we research together, support one another, attend births together and back each other up. Most importantly we make sure we all have the flexibility to take time off when we want or need it. No one wants a burnt out midwife at their birth. We do whatever we can to help create more peaceful lives for ourselves so we can be authentically slowed down and present when we enter your birth space to support you. 

We all care deeply about social justice for all humans.

We all desire licensure for CPMs and smooth collaboration with other medical professionals.

We all believe in a pregnant person's right to respectful individualized care.

When we formed the Collective, two of us had taken a break from being on call and longed for a few more midwives who wanted to practice together and who cared deeply about self-care and resiliency as an important aspect of solid midwifery care. Two more of us had recently moved back to Columbus after periods of living across the country and abroad. When we found each other it was like magic. Our visions gelled almost perfectly and we started meeting regularly to create a new way to practice together.

Visit the Columbus Midwife Collective to learn more about the other midwives in the Collective

Beautiful photos by Hannah Spencer of Milk and Hannah Photo 

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