Free Consultation 

After we determine if I am available during your estimated due time, we will meet for about an hour to see if we are a good fit and be sure homebirth is the right option for you.

Prenatal Visits 

We meet monthly for prenatal visits throughout pregnancy and then more frequently as your birthing time gets closer. Most appointments last 45 minutes to an hour, giving time for hands-on prenatal care, education and questions. 

Birth Care

We stay in contact over the phone during early labor and then provide in-person support once labor is in the active phase.

Two midwives will attend your birth and care for you and baby through the initial postpartum period.

Postpartum Care

After birth, your midwives monitor you and your baby's health and we leave when we know you are both doing well, usually two to three hours postpartum. We perform a full newborn exam during this time. One midwife returns for one and three-day postpartum visits. During these visits, we perform both the congenital heart screening and the newborn screening (PKU test) and finish up birth certificate forms. You will have three more postpartum visits over the next six weeks. ​

Placenta Encapsulation

Please visit my site, Columbus Placenta Encapsulation, to learn more and register. Your birth setting is not an issue when it comes to encapsulation. Whether you have a home birth or hospital birth does not affect your encapsulation service.

Columbus Midwife Collective

I am part of the Columbus Midwife Collective. We are a group of independent midwives who meet regularly, attend births together, provide back-up if one midwife is unavailable, participate in peer review, share new research and build connections with the community. Learn more about the Collective on the next page or by visiting our website.

Visit Columbus Midwife Collective

We always attend births in teams of two midwives, for best safety practices.